Accord Ankle Brace

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    Accord Ankle Brace


    The Accord III ankle brace provides stability and support for chronic ankle sprains, ankle instability, and syndesmosis sprains. Effective in the healing of ankle fractures and patient ambulation.

    • Prevents abnormal ankle inversion, eversion.
    • Offers more stability than regular ankle braces.
    • Low profile.
    • Light weight.

    Size Chart

    Size Chart


    Unfasten top closure cuff and soft liner. Loosen both quick-lace straps.
    While seated, place the injured foot in the brace, similar to putting on a shoe. Position so that the heel is against the back of the soft liner.
    Fasten the Velcro closure on the soft liner. Position so that the rigid plastic stays on the brace are centered over each side of the ankle.
    Fasten the cuff closure straps over the soft liner so that the brace fits snug and little movement is experienced.
    Simultaneously pull both quick-lace straps tight and secure by crossing each quick-lace strap over the top of the foot and attaching to the soft liner. Make sure the brace still fits snug and is centered over each side of the ankle.

    For added support, the optional posterior panel can be attached to the Accord III.
    Open the plastic cuff at the tabs provided (when facing the back of the brace, tabs will be located on the right, just behind the Velcro tabs for the cuff closure).
    Feed the cuff through the slots on the posterior panel and re-attach the cuff. Continue to apply the brace, as indicated above.


    Remove soft liner from brace and hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Wipe the remainder of the brace with cold water. Allow all parts to air dry before re-assembly. Do not dry clean, iron, or bleach any part of this brace, as it could cause damage and void the manufacturers warranty.


    The application instructions listed above are intended for the use of qualified professionals only. It is not recommended for patients to attempt to apply or adjust this device unless otherwise instructed to do so by an orthopedic professional. Any questions regarding further adjustment or frequency/ duration of wear should be directed to your orthopedic professional, as they know the individual condition for which this device was prescribed.