Hinge R.O.M. Elbow Brace

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    Hinge R.O.M. Elbow Brace


    Plush padding for comfort fit. Adjustable arm contours for exact fit. Telescopic length adjustments at forearm and biceps. Adjustable strapping system.

    • Plush padding for comfort fit.
    • Customizing arm contours for the hand to fit.
    • Telescopic length adjustments at forearm and biceps.
    • Adjustable strapping system.

    Size Chart

    Size Chart


    Locate Pivot Center
    Unfasten the straps of brace and hold the brace up to the arm with the hinge pivot center over the elbow joint.

    Adjusting Length
    To adjust length, press the button on the distal cuffs and slide telescoping bars until they match the length of the upper arm and forearm.

    Bending the Cuffs
    Bend the cuffs to securely wrap around the circumference of the arm. Start with the cuffs proximal to the elbow.

    Secure Straps
    After length and cuff circumference are determined,secure and fasten all straps, starting with the 'two straps closest to the elbow. If the straps are too long, trim them as necessary.

    Range of Motion Adjustments
    To adjust range of motion, press the flexion or extension buttonand romate untill the desired degree of flexion or extension is achieved through the corresponding windows.The"0" lock setting are used to lock the brace in full extension.

    Enforced Compliance
    Loop and secure the enclosed lock ties through the hole in the flexion and extension buttons to limit range of motion adjustment.

    Side Bar Adjustment
    Side bar may be bent to fit individual anatomies.Place the brace on a table top with one strut protruding off the edge and apply downward pressure to bend the strut.

    Note side bars must be bent with final length adjustment completed

    Neck Strap Application
    Place the neck strap over the opposite shoulder of the injured arm and across the back and under the unharmed arm.
    Attach the D-ring to the strap closest to the wrist.
    Use the clip to attach the free end of the neck strap to the brace.
    Adjust to comfortable position.Unattach the loop of the free end and raise it to a comfortable position.


    Hand was using cold water and mild detergent. Air dry. Do not dry clean, iron, or bleach any part of this brace, as it could cause damage and void the manufacturer's warranty.


    Read all the use instructions and warnings before use. Consult your medical professional immediately if you feel any adverse reactions while using this product. This product will not prevent or reduce all injuries. Proper rehabilitation and activity modification are also essential parts of a safe treatment program.